Who We Are


Meet the Owners

Aya Garcia and Jennifer Smith are the owners of Created to Cater. They are passionate about food and serving people. Aya has been in Aviation business for many years, having worked for multiple Inflight Catering Companies. She graduates with a background in Culinary and Technology Management , Bachelors in Tourism . 

Jennifer also has experience with food and serving. She owns a BBQ restaurant in DeLand, Florida. We hope you have the best possible experience with Created to Cater, and we look forward to catering your next special event!


Our Passion

Our passion is to serve and create memories in each and every client we encounter. Food memories involve all senses, that is why we are thoroughly engaged in creating wonderful memories through our food as it has a powerful effect. We are created to cater and we want to share our love of food with everyone we encounter.

"We aim for customer satisfaction through "food" which is one of the key aspects for inflight catering in delivering a top-class service.  For safe and high-quality meals"


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure our client’s expectations are always highly exceeded. We will continue to inspire you with fresh ideas regarding your catering order. Also, we truly strive on local farmers market ingredients. Including personalized menu upon request. Such as, vegan, vegetarian, paleo diet, keto diet, and gluten free options.

Core Values


We are committed to serving our clients high quality food and services.


We are reliable in our pricing, communication, order accuracy, and on time delivery.


We will always be enthusiastic in serving our clients. This is our passion.


All Created to Cater team members are held accountable for their respective responsibilities. 


We are all a apart of one team. Working to provide you the best possible experience.


We are committed to delivering personalized services and wonderful hospitality to each and every client and event.